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  • The Rev is a student-run literary journal, formerly known as The Russell Sage Review. 

    This year, a special edition of The Rev is being produced in conjunction with students at Haringey Sixth Form College (H6) in London via CreativityUnleashed. 

    CreativityUnleashed, made up of H6 students and alumni, partners with secondary schools and universities to showcase creative talent among students and to advocate for arts in education.

    Update: Shortlist Announced

    Thank you and congratulations to all who submitted their work! The final magazine design will be released digitally in April, and all published pieces will be confirmed then. Eventually, all submitted artworks and writing pieces will be featured in an online gallery. More information will be available in the coming months.

    Shortlist: Russell Sage College

    • Abigale Trask: Goodnight, Love Bug
    • Anna Derevyanchenko: The Polychotomy of Man
    • Ashlynn Rumrill: It’s Not My Fault
    • Cassandra McMullin: World of Music
    • Chloe Harrison: If You Wait Long Enough
    • Daniela Withington: He Is Not Alone
    • Emily Boehm: Pink, Porcelain
    • Ethan Alcee: Isolation
    • Hunter Chaney: Linger
    • Jaydin Cowan: Suppressed Anger
    • Jodi Lynn: Freedom Flies
    • Kate Hunter: Offering
    • Laurel Petersen: McKinstry Food Court
    • Lisa Schieffelin: 3 Black Dots
    • Micahel Groissl: A Different Perspective, Playtime in Hsipaw, Myanmar
    • Michele Scott-Robertson: Lonely from the Inside
    • Natalie Gifford: This Sinister House
    • Natalie Mercedes: Airborne Moment
    • Ramasj Williams: Step Thru the Door, Designer Head to Toe
    • Randal Johnson: El Luz Cruzando El Rio

    Shortlist: Haringey/Durham

    • Abeeha Hassnain: Please Love Me (Haringey)
    • Amaia Rhea: African, Caribbean, European or Something in Between (Haringey)
    • Amina Yussuf: What I Miss (CreativityUnleashed)
    • Amir Tubekan: Collective Feminism (Haringey)
    • Andreea Pavel: A Piece of Soul (CreativityUnleashed)
    • Anna Harwich: Boredom, Hidden Grief (Durham)
    • Baransel Kutlu: Face (Haringey)
    • Bibi Gull: Painted Tears, Try Me (Haringey)
    • Chloe DeSilva: Me Kisses You All Better, What Goes Bump at Night (Haringey)
    • Christopher Bean: Vigil For a Mother (Haringey)
    • Edith Sandulescu: These Colours of You (Durham)
    • Emile Wilson: Swirl (Haringey)
    • Emma Jespersen: Bloomed (Durham)
    • Eva Moss: Giving In (Durham)
    • Heather Gilchrist: Self Image (CreativityUnleashed)
    • Joseph Unadike: Frustrations (Haringey)
    • Kiera Robinson-Brown: Form (Haringey)
    • Lina Charki: Swimmer Eerie Noise (CreativityUnleashed)
    • Marcella Kirby: Son (Haringey)
    • Mariah John Leighton: Unfinished Girl (CreativityUnleashed)
    • Marisa Mustafa: Mirage of Eden
    • Maysoon Sheikh: Into the Slaughterhouse Train (Haringey)
    • Ollie Opara: Dear 2020 (Woodside High)
    • Ozge Erdur: Ayşe (CreativityUnleashed)
    • Shoun Obana: Uncertainty (Durham)
    • Stefana Craciun: Enemy (Haringey)
    • Suresh Anushka: Eye of the Tiger (Durham)
    • Tahanni Yehya Hussein: Advertisement (Haringey)
    • Takudzwa Edwards: Witch (Haringey)
    • Tychae Wray: Skin (Haringey)
    • Ulas Dogan: Enough (Haringey)
    • Waiwai Su: Eyes (Durham)
    • Zaffrin Hussain: Speed (Haringey)

    Thank you to our partners!

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