“Toilet Paper Crisis,” illustration by Laurel Petersen, office coordinator in the Nutrition Department and contributor to The Rev

The Rev is a student-run literary journal, formerly known as The Russell Sage Review. 

For the third year in a row, The Rev is being produced in conjunction with young people at CreativityUnleashed, a not for profit arts organization in London. 

The Rev is published in partnership with the Russell Sage English, Writing and Culture program. EWC is an innovative program in which students engage with diverse literatures and cultures, learn about the ways that writing shapes the world, and develop their own powerful voices. For more information, check out the EWC program details here. 

The Rev is also supported by the Sage libraries and funded by Russell Sage College’s Carol Ann Donahue Endowed Fund.

 Submissions for 2023 Now Open!

All members of the Sage community, including: faculty, staff, alumni and current students on both the Albany and Troy campuses, are invited to submit to our yearly literary and creative arts magazine. Our closing date for submissions is the 14th December (end of the first term). If you have any questions, email Professor Angie Smith at [email protected].

The Rev 2022

What a year we’ve had over here at Russell Sage College in Troy, NY. While the world returned to a sort of normal post pandemic, our creatives have been very busy. After many weeks of creative arts workshops and reviewing an incredible collection of submissions from our community, we are very excited to present this year’s offering of creative content. Inside these pages you will find voices from our community here in upstate New York and also from our partners in London, UK. This includes our students, staff and faculty here at Sage but also the young people from CreativityUnleashed. This is why there is a mix of British and American English.

Inside these pages you can enjoy a wide range of creativity including: poetry, flash fiction, non-fiction, photography, painting, digital artwork, drawings and more. The selection process was driven by the mission to integrate as many diverse voices as possible, focusing in on what our communities are celebrating, what they are mourning and what they are hoping for in the future.

Many thanks to local poet Carol Durant and local theatre director Jean-Remy Monnay for inspiring us this year with stories of their creative processes and advice regarding how to integrate a creative lifestyle in a post-pandemic world. Also, we’d like to thank Mark Mathews from Bluekite Creative for the design of our magazine and also for the work experience opportunities afforded to our design student.

2022 Published Creatives

Submissions from the following Russell Sage College community members will appear in the 2022 issue of the Rev:

Ethan AlceeZavia Allen
Zahra ArshadSage Baker
Denique BennettAshley Busby
Hunter ChaneyMaverick Douglas
Alanna DumasReginald Dumas
Reigniel EscondeSyrita Faraj
Mackenzie FidoMichael Groissl
Kathryn HannayLaura Henebry
Jacqueline HilliardKate Hunter
Zoe JansenRaylynne Kuhn
Adam LambertBrook Marshall
Charlotte MazeCassandra McMullin
Kami PerkinsLaurel Petersen
Owen ReinartzMackenzie Rockwell
Angie SmithLisa Schieffelin
Bailey ThibodeauRamasoj Williams

Join The Rev!

If you are interested in joining The Rev editorial team in the 2023 academic year, please email Adjunct Professor Angie Smith: [email protected] for further information. We will start receiving pieces from the 29th August with a tentative closing date of 14th December (end of the first term). This date will be confirmed over the coming months. 

Thank you to our partners!