The Office of Residence Life is delighted to announce that beginning the Fall 2018 semester, residents will have the option of applying to live in gender-affirming housing.

What is gender-affirming housing?

Gender-affirming housing is an option that allows students to live together regardless of biological sex, gender, or gender-identity.

This allows students of any gender identity to live together regardless of sex assigned at birth.

Do I have to be transgender or gender-nonconforming to live in gender-affirming housing? If I am transgender or gender-nonconforming do I have to live in gender-affirming housing?

Any student is welcome (but not required) to live in this building, but all applicants for gender-affirming housing must share a commitment to supporting LGBTQI individuals.

Where is gender-affirming housing available?

Gender-affirming housing is available only on the Russell Sage campus. Interest in the program will determine the building selected for this program.

I am an SCA student. Can I apply for gender-affirming housing?

Yes! Upper-class students from the Albany campus may request to live in the building while still remaining SCA students.

I am an incoming first year student. Is this an option for me?

First-year students are typically housed in Kellas Hall (Troy) or ACRH (Albany). If you are a new student, and feel that gender-affirming housing would better suit your needs, please contact the Office of Residence Life directly at [email protected], and we will work with you directly!

Where do I apply?

Please submit a request.  Please note that completing an application does not guarantee approval.