Searching for a job is a commitment and requires a lot of effort. Below is the list of steps our office recommends following for a successful job search.  You can also print out our Job Search Checklist.

Step 1: Resume

Revise and perfect your resume with the assistance of the Career Center. Most, if not all, jobs require a resume as part of the application. Please review our Resume Guide for more information.

Before meeting with a staff member from our office, please review the sample resumes listed in the guide for examples of content and formatting.

After you have revised and finalized your resume, your next step is to start looking for jobs. We advise students to access Handshake and job-search websites, including Gannon’s List, if you are looking for Capital District opportunities. Students can also search the Book of Lists in the Albany Business Journal (located in the Library on both campuses) to find top companies in their industry of interest in the Capital District.

There are also many additional resources and job search sites for specific majors at Russell Sage College. These resources will save you time.  Check them out!  

Step 3: Network

It is estimated that more than 70% of jobs are secured through networking. Our office recommends using LinkedIn as a starting point to network with Russel Sage College students and alumni.

We encourage all students to create and maintain a LinkedIn account. LinkedIn is a great resource and is a valuable tool for networking.

What are Sage students and alumni up to on LinkedIn?

For more information about how to reach out to alumni and/or students on LinkedIn, please email [email protected] for assistance.

Step 4: Cover Letter and Employer Research

When writing a cover letter, it is imperative that you research each company you plan to apply to. The cover letter is your chance to demonstrate that you have done your research, understand what the company is about and stands for and your fit within that company.

For each job that you apply to, you must tailor your cover letter. Companies know when they get a general cover letter and one that has not been written for their specific job posting.

Utilize the job description to show that you understand the connection between what they want for the position and what you have to offer. For more information on writing a cover letter, review our Cover Letter Guide.

Step 5: Interview

We encourage all students and alumni to schedule a mock interview with one of our staff members. We tailor each mock interview to the position that you are applying to and try to make it as realistic as possible. To schedule a mock interview, make an appointment on Handshake and email your resume, cover letter and job description to [email protected].

You must tailor your answers to interview questions based on the company and position that you are applying to. For more information and tips for interviewing, please review our Interviewing Guide.