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  • In light of the COVID-19 prohibition on mass gatherings, the Russell Sage College Commencement ceremony is postponed. There is so much uncertainty about when mass gatherings will be allowed that we do not want to set a date and then be forced to change it again. Instead, we will follow the progress of our public health and schedule a ceremony when it is clear that it is safe to do so. The date and location of the ceremony will thus be determined and announced at a later time. But rest assured that we will hold a live, in-person Commencement ceremony when it becomes feasible. Stay tuned for more details.  

    May graduates will still receive their diplomas by mail in June.

    We know that some students may want to seek a refund on their cap and gown while others may still want to be sure they can receive them. Students should work directly with the academic regalia vendor, Herff Jones, for the following options.

    You ordered your cap and gown for bookstore delivery and still want to receive your regalia.

    These orders have been processed, but not shipped. These graduates may opt in to have their regalia shipped home for free by logging on to http://www.herffjones.com/HomeDelivery

    You are want to return your cap and gown for a refund.

    Graduates who ordered their cap and gown with bookstore delivery who would like a refund should log on to herffjones.com/collegereturns and follow the instructions for Return/Refund (I do not have my cap and gown)

    Graduates who ordered their regalia with home delivery who want a refund should log on to herffjones.com/collegereturns and follow the instructions for Return/Refund (I have my cap and gown). The package must remain unopened, and must be returned prior to May 9th. All orders placed online with home shipping cannot be cancelled at this point, even if you have not yet received it. These orders are sent directly to your residence from the manufacturing facility. Once you receive the product, follow the instructions for returning your home ship product for a refund.

    You haven’t ordered your cap and gown yet, but would still like to purchase your regalia.

    You may order your cap and gown online until at least May 31. Follow the instructions below if you would like to place an order. If you wish to delay ordering your regalia until we have a date for our postponed ceremony, we will reopen online and notify you by email.

    What you need to know when placing your order

    1. The degree you are earning (Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Business Administration, Master of Science, Doctorate in Physical Therapy, etc.), so please verify with the registrar’s office ([email protected]) in advance, if needed. This information is also available in your academic Program Evaluation, which is accessible through your SageAdvisor account.
    2. Graduate Students will need to know the campus your degree program is associated with. If you need to confirm which campus your degree program is associated with, visit the academic programs webpage or call The Bookstore (Albany campus): 518-694-7378 or m.o.s.s. books (Troy campus): 518-274-0199.

    Instructions for ordering 

    STEP 1: Once on the Herff Jones website, type SAGE in the search box.

    STEP 2: Select your School

    STEP 3: Select your Delivery Method (Bookstore Pickup or Home Delivery)

    STEP 4: Choose the Cap & Gown tab in the top menu bar.

    STEP 5: Enter in your Personal Information (Name, Degree, etc.)

    STEP 6: Proceed to Checkout. You will need to pay for your regalia when you order it online.

    PLEASE ADHERE TO ORDER DEADLINES — Failure to do so may result in not having the correct size gown/color of hood & tassel that you need and additional shipping fees.

    Students who order with delivery to the bookstore will receive email notification (at the end of April) when regalia arrives on campus.

    If you have questions, please call The Bookstore (Albany campus): 518-694-7378 or m.o.s.s. books (Troy campus): 518-274-0199.