Russell Sage College is required to disclose the occurrence of the following hate crimes when the motivation for the crime is the victim’s membership or perceived membership in a particular race, gender, religion, sexual orientation, ethnicity or disability:

Murder/non-negligent manslaughter
Negligent manslaughter
Forcible sex offense
Non-forcible sex offense
Aggravated assault

Motor vehicle theft
Simple assault
Destruction, damage, vandalism to property
Any other crime involving bodily injury

  • Russell Sage College did not experience any hate crimes in 2018, 2019 or 2020.  

Russell Sage College is committed to preventing bias crime and bias-related behavior on our campuses. Toward that goal, Russell Sage College employs a variety of strategies, both proactive and reactive, that are intended to foster diversity and tolerance while reacting swiftly and forcefully against those whose behavior is intolerable.

The Board of Trustees and all of its committees have been charged with including an awareness of the need for diversity in all decision making. An Office of Cultural Enrichment and Diversity has been created and its Coordinator charged with developing programming on both campuses. An International Student Advisor has been identified and charged with advocacy for those students.

Bias awareness training is conducted for all new students during their orientation and is required for all employees on a regular basis. Resident Assistants and Student Mentors are provided with additional training intending to help them recognize bias crime and respond to it in an appropriate manner. A cross section of employees has been trained in bias awareness and prevention strategies. Public Safety Officers are trained to identify such behavior and respond in an appropriate manner.

The Student Code of Conduct specifically prohibits such behavior and provides appropriate penalties. The Residence Hall contract includes a clause prohibiting such behavior and advocating diversity. The Employee Handbook specifically prohibits such behavior, provides appropriate penalties and identifies Cabinet-level officers as Compliance Officers.