Residence Life is proud to offer students specialty housing options.  Please see below for information about each community and links to fill out an application.

Pet-Friendly Housing (Manning Hall)

Pets allowed at Russell Sage College include cats, rats, mice, hedgehogs, hamsters, gerbils, guinea pigs, rabbits, and chinchillas. These are the only types of pets allowed.

  • The cost of pet-friendly housing is $150 per semester. Single room residency is required.
  • There is limited space for pet-friendly rooms. If applications exceed the number of rooms available, approval will be granted by lottery using the numbers students receive during the room reservation process.
  • Cats must be at least 6 months old and owned by you a minimum of 3 months prior to completing application. Cats must also be spayed or neutered to live in pet-friendly housing.

Please note that this is an application. Your request may be approved or denied.

Gender-Affirming Housing

Gender-affirming housing is defined as a housing option that is supportive of students who may identity as transgender or gender non-conforming, and of students of various sexual orientations. Gender-affirming housing is not intended for students who wish to live together with a significant other.

Please note that this is an application. Your request may be approved or denied.

Honors Housing (Spanish House)

Purpose: To provide a learning community that fosters high academic achievement and engagement in social and academic activities with other high-achieving students and with the Sage community. In order for such an environment to be achieved, the house must be a place where all members have the utmost respect for each other and themselves. As a member of this selective house, there are expectations of resident involvement within Spanish House as a Sage learning community.

As a member of Spanish House, you must:

  • Be enrolled in the honors program and/or have a 3.4 GPA.
  • Be at least a sophomore by academic status at the time you occupy the house.
  • Attend all house meetings with the Resident Assistant or faculty advisor.
  • Attend at least two house programs per semester.
  • Attend one play or concert on campus at least once during the academic year.
  • Assist in the planning of one house program for the entire campus once a semester; this program topic shall be determined by the members of the house.
  • As a member of the honors house we encourage you to work with the admissions office to offer opportunities for prospective students to meet honors house residents. Some examples of ways to assist are: hosting an overnight student, being on an admissions panel, giving tours of Wool House, or attending a reception.

Honors students will be given first priority; non honors students who wish to room with a current honors student will receive second priority. Please indicate if you are a non-honors student requesting to live with an honors student.

*There is no guarantee that a non-honors student will be allowed to live in Spanish House.

Multicultural House (McMurray/Spicer/Gale House)

The Multicultural House is a co-educational learning community established to support the experiences of students of diverse backgrounds and identities. The experiences gained here are intended to prepare residents to lead and thrive in an increasingly globalized society, with an emphasis on social justice and service. The Multicultural House is designed to facilitate intentional and deep communication and understanding among residents.

It will be a dedicated place for residents to discuss experiences they face during their college career.  The community meaningfully engages in social justice education and restorative justice practices within their community and thinks critically about how these values manifest in the residential community, on campus and globally.

Join this residential community if you are committed to the inclusion, empowerment, and success of multicultural students.

Please note that this is an application. Your request may be approved or denied.