Tuition Transparency

Russell Sage College believes in college access, including for graduate students. That’s why we have competitively priced our graduate tuition – making us more affordable than most private colleges and not far off from tuition at public universities but with a more personalized student experience.

Many colleges and universities, particularly state universities, advertise a per-credit tuition cost, but they aren’t as clear about any recurring fees graduate students may have, which can add a significant amount to the overall program cost. At Russell Sage, we keep it simple. While there may be an additional fee – usually one time – attached to a specific academic program, we don’t layer in recurring fees.

Graduate Assistantships

When you were considering colleges for your undergraduate education, you probably had financial aid packages to sort through with hefty merit scholarships and other forms of financial aid from the college or university. In general, these options are not as common in graduate school.

But Russell Sage does offer a lot of Graduate Assistantships, where you work at Russell Sage in an academic or administrative office, assisting faculty in research, or — in limited instances — teaching undergraduate classes, in exchange for a 3-credit tuition waiver and $1,000 stipend per semester. You can see the types of GA positions currently available here.

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There are numerous online databases for scholarships that are searchable by student type – including finding scholarships specific to graduate students. We’ve created a page with a list of these resources to assist you in your search.

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Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA)

We’re sure you remember the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) you had to fill out each year when you were an undergraduate student. We recommend graduate students complete the FAFSA to determine eligibility for federal unsubsidized loans. Visit the federal government’s student aid website to learn more about federal loans for graduate students.

The U.S. Department of Education released a new, simplified Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). This revised application is meant to make the process easier and is now available.

How to create an FSA ID if you do not have an SSN

How To Review and Correct Your FAFSA Form

Having technical troubles with the FAFSA site?

Employer reimbursement and discount programs

Some companies and organizations offer tuition assistance or reimbursement as an employee benefit. Always be sure to check with your employer to see if these benefits are available to you.

Workforce Development Partnership 

In addition, Russell Sage College has partnerships with numerous employers to offer a tuition discount and deferred tuition payments (so those who receive an employer tuition benefit can have those funds in hand before they have to pay their bill).

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Payment Plans

Often, colleges offer opportunities to pay your bill in installments instead of all at once, but the details vary by institution. We have an interest-free payment plan option at Russell Sage. (Note that not all payment plans at other colleges and universities are interest-free).

Loan Forgiveness Programs

If you have federal student loans, there are forgiveness programs available depending on your field and circumstances.

Because Russell Sage College has many students who are in the health professions or education, these two programs might be of particular interest:

Public Service Loan Forgiveness:

Students with federal loans have the option of having the remainder of their loans forgiven after they’ve made 10 years (or 120 monthly) loan payments. To be eligible, the student must work for an eligible nonprofit organization or government agency full time while they are making payments. Jobs in public education, law enforcement, and health care often meet the eligibility for this program.

You can use the PSLF Help Tool to find out whether this program might be available to you.

Teacher Loan Forgiveness:

Public educators can be eligible for Public Service Loan Forgiveness or they can explore the Teacher Loan Forgiveness Program. The program offers up to $17,500 in loan forgiveness for full-time teachers who took out federal direct unsubsidized or subsidized (Stafford) loans and work at low-income schools or educational agencies. Candidates for this program must have taught for five consecutive academic years, and the full $17,500 is only offered to teachers in certain subjects (math, science, or special education) while others may qualify for $5,000 in forgiveness.

You can potentially qualify for this program and the PSLF program; however, your five years of service as a teacher can’t be counted toward the years of service required to be eligible for PSLF.

Frequently Asked Questions

Current students can request a Grad PLUS Loan in Passport through Self-Service on the left-hand side under the Financial Information drop down menu. From there, select the Financial Aid dropdown and then select “Request a New Loan.” 

Unfortunately, graduate students are not eligible for these awards or any need-based aid.

You do not. As a graduate student, you are automatically considered an independent student.

As a graduate or professional student, you can borrow up to $138,500 in federal loans (this includes loans you took out as an undergraduate student). 

You will need to be registered for at least 4.5 credits toward your degree program. 

Graduate assistantships provide tuition waivers and stipends to graduate students who work in an academic or administrative office, assist faculty in research, or — in limited instances — teach undergraduate classes. Students who receive GAs get a tuition waiver for one 3-credit course per semester and a $1,000 per-semester stipend in exchange for 150 hours of work. Learn more about GAs on our website.

There is an origination fee taken out of each loan disbursement which lowers the amount disbursed to an account. Use our Loan Fee Calculator to ensure the amount you accept will be enough to cover your balance.

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