My Sage Aid Financial Aid Information

Welcome to the My Sage Aid financial aid information page. This page will help you maneuver through the financial aid section of My Sage Aid and answer any questions you may have.

The following information is available on My Sage Aid:

  • Checklist of where you are in the financial aid process and what needs to be completed for the academic year
  • Accept or decline your financial aid offers on the My Awards Tab
  • View and Sign your Offer Letter on the Award Letter Tab (by signing you are also accepting your financial aid Terms and Conditions for receiving aid)
  • Read Financial Aid Terms and Conditions (by clicking the link on the right side of the home page)
  • Required Documents Tab — Allows the financial aid office to notify students of important missing documents AND allows the student to see the status of the missing information (received, waived, additional information required). Please note: the office of Financial Aid will not be sending requests for documentation via the mail, all notifications will be available for students to view online.
  • Resources section with important links to financial aid forms and information
  • Contact the Office of Financial Aid

How to use My Sage Aid

My Sage Aid can be accessed under the Financial Aid Section of SageAdvisor. This portal will allow you to view and accept all of your financial aid on any electronic device, including your cell phone. Detailed instructions on how to access and use My Sage Aid can be found here:

Your Financial Aid Checklist and the Required Documents Tab

Your Financial Aid Checklist and the Required Documents Tab are going to be key to your financial success at Russell Sage College. The checklist, located on your home page, is where you will be able to see where you are in the financial aid process. The Required Documents tab will show you all of the information we have received from you. You won’t have to call the financial aid office anymore to ask if we have your FAFSA or if your financial aid package is available, you can find all the information you need right online. This is where the financial aid office will also indicate any missing documentation or information you need to know in order for the college to process and receive your financial aid to pay your bill. All missing forms can be accessed by clicking on the Form Number that is provided under your Complete Required Documents.

If you need further assistance, you can contact the Solutions Desk at 518-244-2020 or email us through My Sage Aid using the “Contact Financial Aid Office” link.