All members of the Russell Sage College community are expected to adhere to the policies and procedures outlined in the Student Code of Accountability and the Student Handbook.

If you witness an action that you believe may be in violation of Russell Sage College policies, we ask that you complete a report detailing the alleged misconduct. The information you enter into the form will be assessed by the Colleges’ Student Conduct Administrator and adjudicated appropriately.

Please choose the type of report you would like to submit from the list below:

If you are reporting an emergency, please call Public Safety immediately at 518-244-3177.

If you are a faculty member who has found a student in violation of the Colleges’ Academic Integrity policy, please: submit a report of Academic Misconduct.

If you are a member of the Russell Sage College community who has observed any other type of misconduct, please: submit a report of General Misconduct.

If you wish to report concerning behavior on the part of a student which does not rise to the level of misconduct, or a student who has been observed struggling academically, please: submit a report to our CARE Team.