Spirituality Center at Sage Logo

The Spirituality Center offers a safe place for spiritual gatherings, religious ritual, healing, celebration, educational events and social justice activities. The Spirituality Center encourages the honoring, sharing and celebrating of the sacred in the diverse range of forms present in all the religious traditions represented in the Sage community.

The Spirituality Center:

  • welcomes those who seek quiet prayer and meditation;
  • encourages a space for felt experience: a place where older, honored traditions can be re-created to bring richness and depth to the present;
  • fosters individual development of belief systems through intellectual investigation and personal reflection;
  • is tied to the community beyond The Sage Colleges, leading to concerned action for others in our city, country and world.

The Spirituality Center fosters a spiritual community in which diversity is embraced. It is a place where communication is encouraged so that groups and individuals can learn from each other and work together to make a difference in our society.

The Spirituality Center offers you the opportunity to integrate a centered life with your social and educational life during your college career. If you are uncertain about your religious convictions or simply have many unanswered questions, the Sage Spirituality Center welcomes you as well. Should you desire it, individual spiritual counseling is available to assist you in deepening your personal and spiritual growth. In addition, there will be time for fun and just being together with friends!