Spirituality Center at Sage Logo

The Spirituality Center nurtures community, embraces diversity, encourages dialogue and supports students to learn from each other, grow together and work to make a difference in our society.

The Spirituality Center Welcomes:

  • those who seek quiet prayer and meditation;
  • spiritual gatherings, religious rituals, educational and social justice related events and activities
  • the sharing and celebrating of the sacred in all religious traditions
  • compassionate service to others in our city, country and world.

If you are looking to integrate a centered life into your college experience, feel uncertain about your religious convictions, have unanswered questions or are looking to deepen your personal and spiritual growth, The  Spirituality Center is here for  you!

We Are Better Together!

Through learning comes appreciation and through appreciation comes compassion, advocacy, and action.

On Feb. 26, from 12-2 pm, The Sage Colleges celebrated “Better Together Day” in Buchman Pavilion.

If you missed this pop-up event, you can still participate in many ways. Visit bettertogetherday.com to find out more about various religions, take the anti-bigotry pledge and celebrate the many ways we are better together!