About the Workforce Development Partnership

The Russell Sage College Workforce Development Partnership brings graduate education to industry to drive community growth and transformative progress. As a cornerstone in New York’s Capital Region, Russell Sage understands true workforce transformation relies on seamless education-industry alignment.

The Workforce Development Partnership is an updated version of two previous workforce partnership programs at Russell Sage – Businesses for a Better Sage and the Health Alliance Agreement.

Guided by “Be. Know. Do.,” our college motto, the Workforce Development Partnership seeks to:


Nurture a workforce primed for innovation


Provide education aligned with industry needs


Inspire action, fostering collaboration, propelling growth

What is the Workforce Development Partnership?

By becoming a member of the Workforce Development Partnership, your business/organization makes a tuition discount on select graduate programs available to your employees, allowing them to advance their skills and further their careers while boosting morale and loyalty to your company or organization, with the aim of increased employee retention. 

Russell Sage College faculty and administration also collaborate with you to identify workforce needs and develop curriculum that is responsive to the demands of today’s world. In exchange, members will work with Russell Sage College to promote the programs covered under the alliance to their staff.

Workforce Development Partners

  • 10% discount: Employees of the partner organizations will receive a graduate program tuition discount of 10%. This means your education will cost thousands of dollars less over the degree journey!
  • Immediately deployable skills: Our programs are designed to empower your employees with practical expertise that enhances their on-the-job effectiveness.
  • Deferred tuition opportunity: Our initiative offers deferred tuition options, allowing students to delay tuition payment until up to four weeks after the completion of each term. This means participants have more time to plan and save for their educational investment and coordinate the timing of employee tuition reimbursement benefits so students won’t have to pay tuition upfront.
  • Access to advertise jobs with us: Upon our partnership agreement, we will walk you through how to utilize Handshake, a national, LinkedIn-style platform utilized by colleges and universities that our Russell Sage students use to seek jobs – and where employers can post them.
  • Display of their logo on the college’s website: Partners will have their logos displayed on the Workforce Development Partnership section of the Russell Sage College website.

Workforce Development Partnership members will:

Communicate the opportunity to employees:
Members will email eligible employees about the opportunity at least twice per year and include the discount in any relevant regular employee communications and explanations of benefits. The opportunity also should be posted to a company/organization’s intranet or on bulletin boards (posters/fliers provided by Russell Sage College).

Informational sessions:
Members will work with the Russell Sage College Graduate Admission office to schedule visits to the company/organization to conduct info sessions for employees (virtual meetings can be scheduled for remote workforces) twice a year, once in our fall and spring semesters.

Are You a Prospective Student Seeking to Utilize This Program?

To participate in this program, the student’s employer must be listed as a Workforce Development Partnership member and the student must:

  • Be a matriculated student in an approved program and in good academic standing.
  • Complete the Workforce Development Partnership form and submit it to the Office of Student Accounts prior to the end of the add/drop period of the semester in which they want to utilize the discount and deferment. Forms can be emailed to [email protected] or mailed to  Russell Sage College, Student Services, 140 New Scotland Ave., Albany, NY 12208
  • Students utilizing the Workforce Development Partnership are still required to pay enrollment and/or registration deposits in accordance with college policy.
  • The Workforce Development Partnership form needs to be completed for each semester the student enrolls.
  • Once the Workforce Development Partnership form is on file, the student account is coded so that there are no late fees assessed on the student’s account.
  • Students will receive monthly email notifications that their statement of account is available.
  • The Workforce Development Partnership form allows the student to defer payment of their outstanding charges until four weeks after the end of the semester in which the student was enrolled.
  • Students are responsible to make sure their account is paid within the allowed deferment period.

Note: If the balance is not paid in full after the four-week deferment period, a Student Accounts hold will be placed on the student account, and a $50 late fee will be applied. Future discounts and deferments will not be honored.

Are you an employee of Albany Medical Center who is interested in enrolling in a graduate nursing program at Russell Sage?

Reach out to [email protected] to learn more about the benefits of our special partnership.

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