Go to Passport – Self Service – Student Planning – Plan & Schedule > Term… to access Registration Functions.

Registration Guides & Notes

Steps: Self Service – Student Planning – Plan & Schedule (Registration)

  1. Log into Passport.
  2. Click on the Self Service app (or go to sss.sage.edu)
  3. Use Student Planning – Plan your Degree & Schedule your classes module. (See registration instructions – PDF)
  4. Search for desired course sections using Search bar at top of page. Tip: use filters in left margin (Term, campus, etc.)
  5. Add (plan) specific course sections (courses with a section #) to schedule screen
  6. Register for class sections by clicking on the blue Register Now button.

View Class Schedule & Textbook Information

  • Registered classes (enrolled) are in listed Green box and listed with a Green checkmark. Course Status of “Registered” or “Registered, but not started” = Enrolled in course.
  • Registration results are listed on top right side of screen. You will see # of Credits: Planned, Enrolled, & Wait-listed. Enrolled credit number = Registered credits.
  • TIP: use the Print button to see a list of classes and course status (ex, Registered, but not started; Waitlisted; or Planned). *Registered, but not started = Enrolled in course.
  • To see Campus Location (Albany or Troy): go to left margin list of enrolled courses. Click on “Meeting Information”.
  • TEXTBOOK information: go to left margin and click on Course Title. Scroll to bottomw and click on Bookstore Information link.

Hold Information

Hold TypeEmailPossible Reason for Hold
Admission (AG)[email protected]missing final official transcripts
Financial Aid (FA)[email protected]MySageAid item needed
USAP appeal required
Finance/Business (EC)[email protected]tuition balance due
parking/dorm fine
Perkins Loan (PK)[email protected]Perkins promissory note due
Student Accounts (SS)[email protected]tuition payment issue
Wellness Center (HC)[email protected]immunization record needed

Students are responsible for resolving all ”holds” to be eligible for Registration and Add/Drop. Hold information is posted in Self Service – Student Planning – Plan & Schedule.

Wait-Listed Courses

If a seat opens in the course and you are next on the Waitlist, you will receive an email notice in your sage.edu account from, [email protected] This email gives you a DEADLINE (day & time) by which you must go to Student Planning and adjust your schedule – – ‘Register’ in the course (section). Important: If you miss the deadline, you lose the seat and spot on the waitlist. Be sure to check your @ sage.edu email address regularly. Note: if you are not interested in course, click on Drop Waitlist, so another student may get a seat.

Steps: Self Service – Student Planning – Plan & Schedule – select > Term. Go to courses listed in Left margin. Note: the previous “Drop Waitlist” button changes to “Register”. Click on Register.

General Tips

  • Use FILTER column in Left margin when searching for course sections.
  • Be sure to check Campus Location (Albany or Troy).
  • Registered courses are in Green font, green box with a green check mark. Planned courses are in light Yellow. Planned sections are bright Gold.
  • Undergraduate day students must be cleared by their faculty advisor (major) to be eligible for registration.
  • Registrar’s Office Forms – (Sage google site, Sage User ID & Password required)
  • Faculty Advisor name & contact information is listed on the My Progress screen in Student Planning under the Show Program Notes link.
  • Sage Shuttle schedule
  • Tuition & Tuition Due Dates

Drop a Course

  • Prior to the specified Add/Drop deadline – you may use Student Planning to Drop courses
  • You must clear any “Holds” to utilize the Add and Drop functions
  • To Drop a course: click on Course in course list in left margin (calendar view). Click on Drop button, select course from list (checkmark), then click on Update.
  • After the posted Add/Drop deadline has passed, to “Withdraw” from a course you will need to complete a Registration Change form prior to the specified course withdrawal deadline. (See Academic Calender).
    • On the Add/Drop form, undergraduate day students need their faculty advisor’s signature (approval) and the course instructor’s signature (acknowledgement).
    • Bring the completed form to the Registrar/Office of Student Services.
    • A grade of “W” will appear on your official transcript.
    • Important: be sure to inquire how course withdrawal affects graduation timeline and eligibility for financial aid & loans.