One Sage: A Vision for the Future

The central goal of the strategic plan is to position Russell Sage College for the years ahead by updating its offerings to meet the needs of current and future students. The plan clarifies Sage’s identity as a single coeducational institution that has undergraduate and graduate programs.

Russell Sage College students succeed! Sage provides excellent professional preparation across the disciplines in a small college environment strongly supportive of student learning and emphasizing student wellness and well-being. We graduate liberally educated students in the professions and professionally prepared students in the liberal arts.

A Unified Sage

The strategic plan unifies our distinctive campuses in Troy and Albany as Russell Sage College.

The Women's Institute
Drawing on Russell Sage College’s century-long dedication to women’s empowerment, the institute promotes women’s leadership and gender inclusivity through a student-learning community and public events, positioning Sage as a thought leader on contemporary gender issues.
Sage THRIVE Goals
Building on Sage’s reputation in the health sciences, Sage Thrive is a program advancing wellness and well-being across the curriculum and campus life.
Strategic Directions
Good strategy requires good execution. We developed five task forces to craft initiatives that continue to move us toward excellence in critical areas.
Russell Sage College: An Appropriate Name for our Unified College

Reinforcing the original name of the college fits a strategic plan that emphasizes embracing our identity.