Our Vision: To be, know, and do MORE as leaders solving the management challenges of today and creating opportunities for tomorrow.

More…is a condition, a state that drives continuous improvement and a pursuit of excellence. The Russell Sage College School of Management envisions a world where more means better—better learning, management, and organizations; where more means leadership—using a broad liberal arts education to help diagnose and solve problems; where more means learning—learning from caring faculty and engaged colleagues, and through successes and failures. We are more.

Our Mission: To cultivate, inspire, and transform our students in a nurturing, yet challenging, educational environment to become the managers and leaders organizations need right now.

Our mix of flexible degree programs, innovative classroom approaches, and supportive faculty provides students of diverse backgrounds with an atmosphere to l earn, grow, and build confidence to excel. We work to provide students with practical knowledge, tools, and skills to help them make a positive impact on the organizations they work for and in their communities—preparing our students for a life of leadership and success.

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Assistant Professor of Practice, Chair, Undergraduate Program and Graduate Program Director