Graduates from the School of Management will be:Examples of how students can demonstrate the outcome:
To be
  • Critical Thinkers
  • Technologically Adept
  • Critical thinkers who integrate and synthesize information from multiple disciplines in order to make evidence based decisions.
  • Technology savvy business professionals who use appropriate quantitative or qualitative tools for the effective management of people, processes, and systems.
 To know
  • Seek Diverse Perspectives
  • Demonstrate leadership ability in various situations.
  • Professionals who are able to discuss the social, financial, environmental, legal and political or global issues facing contemporary organizations.
  • People who demonstrate professionalism and/or leadership skill within the context of the environment.
To do
  • Effective Communicators
  • Problem Solvers
  • The ability to  integrate theory and practical application using research to (a) identify and (b) solve business problems.
  • Demonstrate the ability to recognize and manage organizational problems in dynamic industry environments.

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