2016-2017 Room and Board Costs


These rates apply to all halls and houses on both campuses:

Double or Triple Room…….$3,215 per semester
Single or College Suites….$3,635 per semester


These rates apply to both campuses:

19 Plan…………………….$2,989 per semester
12 Plan…………………….$2,989 per semester
Block 150 Plan……………$2,989 per semester
Senior Plan (5 plan)…..$1,888 per semester (RSC Senior class only)

Add on packages are available for $100 each per semester:

$105 Additional Declining Balance (DCB)
3 Gift Packages per Semester
“Stash your Pad” Food & Beverage Stock

In addition to any of the resident meal plan options listed above, commuters can also choose from:

Suite 75… $1,167/semester
525 DCB… $500/semester
205 DCB… $200/semester
75 DCB… $75/semester

Sage Graduate Students (SGS) are not required to have a meal plan- even if living on campus. 

Room Assignment Information for New Students

At Sage, life in the residence halls is enriching. You’ll make new friends, share ideas, and have the opportunity to participate in a variety of social and educational programs. You and your future roommate will be matched according to answers you provide on the housing preference form. You will receive the name and address of your roommate in late summer so that you may contact her if you wish. Roommate requests can often be met if all students involved are in agreement.

Most new students live in double rooms. For more information on this or for special circumstance requests, please contact the Residence Life staff at (518) 244-2008 (Troy) or (518) 292-7711 (Albany)

Room Selection for Returning Students

Room Selection is held in April. There will be an announcement on MySage directing you to the web page for detailed information explaining the room selection lottery process. This information will explain how room selection works, eligibility factors to select a room, and a list of important dates and times.

All students wishing to participate in Room Selection must first make sure their college account is up to date. The College has made every attempt to make Room Selection as simple and stress free as possible. The current Room Selection system was designed after careful consultation and input from student groups. The system was established to provide all students equal opportunity based on class year.