Reporting to Sage

If the student decides to tell a Russell Sage College staff or faculty member about a sexual offense, the majority of employees are required to report the incident to the Title IX Coordinator. These employees are referred to as mandated reporters. The Title IX Coordinator’s role is to investigate the report to make sure the discrimination ends, prevent its recurrence, and address any effects it has had on the student. The Title IX Coordinator is committed to taking these steps in a way that respects a student’s privacy to the highest extent possible and that honors a request for confidentiality and/or a preference for limited or no further action that she or he may make. If the report raises significant safety concerns for the student and/or other members of Sage’s community, the Title IX Coordinator may need to initiate further investigation and/or other action steps in response to the report. In these case, the Title IX Coordinator would keep the student informed about any such action and would take all reasonable steps to keep her or his name confidential.

Confidential Reporting On Campus

A student always has the option to reach out to the Wellness Center on either campus to speak to a licensed therapist or a pastoral therapist about an incident, and this remains confidential unless the students wish the person to disclose the information to police and/or the college. Contact information below.

Confidential Reporting Off Campus

A student always has the option to reach out to a number of external agencies in and around the area, and the communication by the student to any advocate, including professional counselor, psychologist, social worker, or a doctor is privileged. The information shared remains confidential unless the students wish the advocate to disclose the information to police and/or the college. Contact information below.

To report a sexual assault, contact:
State Police 24-Hour Hotline
1-844-845-7269, dial 911, or
call Campus Safety or Local Police

Reporting Resources in Troy

Troy Campus Wellness Center
Licensed Therapist

Troy Campus Spirituality Center
Pastoral Therapist

Sexual Assault & Crime Victims Assistance Program
Samaritan Hospital
2215 Burdett Avenue
Troy, NY 12180

Crime Victims Hotline


Unity House
2431 Sixth Avenue
Troy, NY 12180

Reporting Resources in Albany

Albany Campus Wellness Center
Licensed Therapist

The Legal Project
24 Aviation Road, Suite 101
Albany, NY 12205

Albany County Crime Victim & Sexual Violence Center
112 State St. Room 1118
Albany, NY 12207
24-hour Sexual Assault Hotline: 518-447-7716

New York State Coalition Against Sexual Assault (NYSCASA)
28 Essex Street
Albany, NY 12206


Acts of discrimination & harassment, including sex/gender based offenses (sexual harassment, sexual assault, dating violence, domestic violence, and stalking) can be reported using the Online Reporting Form  or by contacting the Title IX Coordinator – Amanda Bastiani at [email protected][email protected], (518) 244-4809. Reports may also be made in person by scheduling an appointment with the Title IX Coordinator or by mail: Attention: Amanda Bastiani, Russell Sage College, 65 1st Street, Troy, NY 12180.

To learn more about Title IX, contact:

Title IX Coordinator and EEO Specialist