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  • Remember: Your safety begins with you!

    911 or Extension 3177? An Important Choice in an Emergency

    911 may be the single most important Public Safety technology in our history. It has undoubtedly saved countless lives. We now have an entire generation of people who use 911 instinctively in the event of an emergency. However, until technology upgrades are completed, a call to 911 from either campus provides the call taker with a generic address only, either 140 New Scotland Avenue or 65 First St. Responding emergency personnel may not be familiar with all of our buildings by name. Therefore, a call to Extension 3177 may result in a quicker response. Our internal phone system will identify for Public Safety the exact location of the caller and a Public Safety Officer, already on campus, will be dispatched immediately to your location.

    But if your choice in an emergency is 911, please remember to call Public Safety at Extension 3177 immediately after your call to 911.

    And remember, a cellular phone call to 911 may not connect you to local emergency services.