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  • The deposits, tuition, room, board, and fees listed on the college’s cost and aid website are in effect for the 2020-2021 academic year. They are subject to change without prior notice by Sage’s Board of Trustees. All policy statements and other information listed here are current.

    Adjustments for withdrawals and other circumstances can be found in our Tuition Liability Policy. Full-time tuition allows a student to enroll for 12-18 credits in each of the fall and spring semesters. For full-time students in accelerated undergraduate/graduate degree programs, the full-time tuition includes graduate-level courses taken during the fall and spring semesters. Students enrolled in fewer than 12 credits pay part-time tuition according to the program for which they enroll.


    Undergraduate TuitionPer CreditPer SemesterPer Year
    Full-time (12-18 credits)$15,725$31,450
    Overload (more than 18 credits)$1,050
    Audited Courses$135
    Undergraduate Summer School
    Per credit hour$608

    Room Charges

    The following room charges are not refundable. Refer to the Adjustments for Tuition, Room and Board section of the Tuition Liability Policy for adjustments to room charges due to a student’s withdrawal from the College or an approved leave of absence.

    Per SemesterPer Year
    Double or Triple Occupancy$3,215$6,430
    Single Occupancy$3,550$7,100

    Board Charges

    Undergraduate resident students must choose one of the following board plans. Non-resident students have the option of choosing a board plan or a declining balance plan. The following board charges are not refundable. Refer to the Adjustments for Tuition, Room and Board section of the Tuition Liability Policy for adjustments to board charges due to a student’s withdrawal from the College or an approved leave of absence.

    Resident Meal PlansPer SemesterPer Year
    Standard Meal Plans (19, 12, Block 150)$3,320$6,640
    Block 75 Plan$1,360$2,720
    Senior 5 Plan$2,100$4,200
    Commuter Meal Plans (Optional)Per SemesterPer Year
    Commuter plans availablevarious rates$150- $1000

    More information about Food & Dining Services

    Declining Balance Meal Plans

    The declining balance meal plans are designed to meet the dining needs of students living off campus. Established as a way to provide tax-free purchases on meals, the meal plans provide a 5% discount on purchases and, depending on the meal plan, may include bonus money.

    Declining balance meal plans can be used to make purchases at any Sage dining operation on the Troy or Albany campus. Declining balance meal plans are maintained on a student’s Sage ID Card and work similar to a debit card. Only the person pictured on the ID card can use the funds on that card. If an ID card is reported lost and funds remain on the card, the funds can be transferred to a replacement ID card. With a commuter meal plan, students only pay for the meals they purchase, and balances can be used to purchase meals for guests.

    Meal plans cannot be changed after the first week of classes, at which time all contracts become final and are non-refundable. Additions of $25 or more can be added at Dining Services throughout the semester and can be paid for in cash, check, Visa, or MasterCard. Any additional deposits to a commuter meal plan are also eligible for the 5% discount and tax-free status.

    Students enrolled in a declining balance meal plan for the fall semester will automatically be enrolled and billed for the same plan for the spring semester. If a student chooses not to participate in the spring or would like to change the amount of their meal plan for the spring semester, written notification to the Office of Residence Life must be received prior to the start of spring classes.

    Balances remaining at the end of the fall semester will be added to the spring semester starting balance. However, balances remaining at the end of the spring semester may not be used to make bulk purchases. These balances are non-refundable in accordance with NYS tax regulations, and do not carry over to any future semester.

    Declining balance meal plans may be purchased by contacting the Office of Residence Life at 518-244-2008.

    Semester, Program, Activity and Other Fees

    The following fees are not refundable or subject to adjustment after the first day of classes. These fees are charged accordingly and in addition to the previously stated tuition, room and board charges.

    FeesPer Semester
    Comprehensive Fee (full-time students)$750
    Program Based Fees
    Applied Art Fee (per credit)$25
    RWL course material fee$25
    Applied Music Fee (per course)$600
    Student Teacher Placement Fee$250
    ABA Practicum Fee$900
    HESI fee (undergraduate nursing, select courses)$456 – $516
    Study Abroad Fee ( one time)$300
    Activity Based and Other Fees*
    Orientation Fee$250
    Late Payment Fee$50
    Transcript Request$8
    Returned Check Fee$25

    *The above fees are not refundable or subject to adjustment

    Payment Due Dates

    SemesterPayment Due Date
    Summer 2020 May 1, 2020
    Fall 2020August 3, 2020
    Spring 2021December 1, 2020