I. Class Schedule Notes: SPRING 2023
All new enrolled undergraduate day Freshman and Transfer students (deposited) will be pre-registered (required major & general education courses) beginning on Monday, November 14, 2022 by the Office of Academic Advising. Spring 2023 classes begin Tuesday, January 17, 2023.

  • Student classes schedules will be inputted in order based on the student deposit date.
  • Classes are selected based on academic department recommendations, needed requirements, and current class availability.
  • Schedule change requests (if needed): students may request changes to their schedules via email, [email protected]
  • Full-time students complete 15-16 credits per term (recommended).
  • Student class schedule information is listed and viewable in Self Service – Student Planning-Plan & Schedule screen by Term (registered courses are listed in green with a green check mark).
  • Sage class times: day courses are taught in 1.5 hour blocks: Mon/Thu 8:00 AM to 5:20 PM and Tue/Fri, 8:00 AM to 5:20 PM. A few art studio courses are offered Mon/Thu 6:00 PM to 8:30 PM; Wednesdays: RSC 101 workshops, Studios, and Science Labs.
  • Wait-listed courses: students will be notified via Sage email if a seat becomes available. Note: academic department chairs are tracking course wait-lists and may add seats or new sections as needed.
  • Helpful Links: Passport | Self Service | Moodle | Catalog | Sage Offices | Campus Directory

II. Academic Pre-semester Checklist: Spring 2023

  Set up the Sage Multi-factor Authentication (MFA) process – instructions
  Log-in to Sage’s portal, Passport, passport.sage.edu, to access SAGE Apps: Sage Gmail, Self Service, Zoom, Moodle, Service Center Helpdesk (Jira), Password Reset, Student forms, and More Apps.
  Go to Self Service to view Student PlanningPlan & Schedule (class schedule/registration) and My Progress (degree requirements)
  Faculty Advisor (major): your Faculty Advisor-major name & contact information is listed in Student Planning, 1) My Progress using the, Show Program Notes link and 2) Plan & Schedule – Advising tab
  Transfer Credits: review your Transfer Credits in Self Service – Student Planning – Academic Menu – Transfer Summary link to be sure all previous college credits including AP credits are listed. Contact the Admission Office ([email protected]) for more information on what is needed. >> Guide to Transferring Credits to Sage [PDF]
  Catalog: view Major requirements, course plans, General Education requirements, and Course Descriptions in the Catalog
  Attend New Student Orientation programs >> New Student Orientation. For more information contact: [email protected]
  Textbooks: Sage students are responsible for purchasing their texbooks and supplies. Note: Sage has 2 bookstores.
— Research book costs in Student Planning (click on course title) *Textbooks for Albany class sesctions are available in Albany Bookstore; Textbooks for Troy class sections are available in the Troy bookstore. **Need money for textbooks – check with [email protected], to see if you have enough aid to help with books and supplies.
  Moodle: Log-in to Moodle, Sage’s online learning platform. *Tutorials are available in Moodle
**Note: most courses in Moodle will go live (class become visible in your Moodle Course List) on the Sunday afternoon just before the start of the term.
Attend New Student Orientation [link]. Contact [email protected] for more information.
  Review your Class Schedule DAILY in Student Planning beginning on: Monday, 1/17/23
— Go to Plan & Schedule screen and view final classroom locations/campus.

Check Sage Gmail for emails from professors. *Academic Calendar: click here. *Shuttle Schedule: click here.
  Spring 2023 classes beginTuesday, 1/17/23.
— Email your Faculty Advisor (major) if you have concerns about your classes and need to make schedule changes.
  Spring 2023 schedule changes (if needed) – Add/Drop deadline is Monday, 1/23/23. After 1/23/23, drop requests (withdrawal) must be done using the Add/Drop form. Grade of W will be given.