Russell Sage College reserves the right to use photograph(s), video(s), and sound bite(s) taken of or obtained from students and other people on campus or at college-sponsored events for the purposes of promoting, publicizing, recruiting, or managing marketing involving the college. Such uses could be in the form of print or electronic media, which includes but is not limited to the website, college publications (printed admission packages, brochures, magazines, catalogs, video productions, television or radio broadcasts, newspapers, newsletters, marketing emails, digital advertising, social media, etc.), and fundraising publications for college clubs or organizations.

Upon arrival on the Russell Sage campuses in Albany and Troy, people give their implied consent to the college to use these materials in any lawful purpose as detailed above. Photographs and video footage may be obtained from both informal and formal settings. All negatives, positives, prints, digital image files, and raw footage are the property of Russell Sage College.

Russell Sage College will make our content creators (photographers, videographers, etc.) easily identifiable to the public through an identification badge.

Special circumstances

It is the policy of the Office of Marketing and Communications to approach photo/video shoots in private settings, such as a class, in an opt-out manner. If the subject matter or setting is deemed sensitive, we will make ourselves known in advance and allow for ample time to opt-out. Photos/videos obtained solely for advertisements and not also for general editorial purposes require the completion of a digital or print image release form.

If you have concerns, or your likeness is being used in a manner you have questions about, please contact us at [email protected] or reach out directly to the associate vice president for marketing and communications.

For media inquiries, contact

VP for Marketing and Communications