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  • 2019 Symposium Schedule

    12:00-12:45: Lunch (The Aggie)

    12:15: Outstanding Faculty Mentor Award Presentation

    Awarded to Dr. Dayna Maniccia, Assistant Professor of Public Health, School of Management and Department of Interdisciplinary Studies

    Poster Presentations

    1:15-2:45: Bush Memorial

    • Victoria Opalka, “Nitrates and Phytochemicals in Beet Root Juice: Exposure in Athletes and the Effect on Performance” (Mentor: Dr. Eileen FitzPatrick, Nutrition Science)
    • Danielle Lord, “Student’s Ability to Understand Instruction” (Mentor: Dr. Donald Graves, Psychology)
    • Monae Shine, “Teen Pregnancy: Philippines” (Mentor: Dr. Dayna Maniccia, Public Health)
    • Derek Larson, “Adults may bite larvae to correct for the overproduction of queen-potential larvae in the ant Temnothorax longispinosis”, (Mentor: Dr. Ken Howard, Biology & Health Sciences)
    • Jessica Perez, “The Effects of Obesity on the Latino and African American Population in the Bronx” (Mentor: Dr. Dayna Maniccia, Public Health)
    • Erin Cook, “Preventing Suicidal Behaviors and Addressing Public Opinions in Saratoga County: Less Stigma, More Conversation” (Mentor: Dr. Dayna Maniccia, Public Health)
    • Chenoa Off, “Attachment in Relation to Nonsexual Self-disclosure, Sexual Self-disclosure, Self-esteem, and Trust” (Mentor: Dr. Julie Verette-Lindenbaum, Psychology)
    • Sarah Tuzzolo, Savannah Christie, Liam Hayes, & Andrew Clifford, “The Taste of Basil” (Mentor: Dr. Mary Rea, Biology)
    • Carlie Barella, “Albany South End Healthcare Effect” (Mentor: Dr. Dayna Maniccia, Public Health)
    • Balqees Sayed, “How Environmental Antecedents Impact Gender in STEM Professions” (Mentor: Dr. Amy LeFevre, Psychology)

    Oral Presentations

    1:00-1:45: Session 1A: Gender & Public Health I (Gurley 201)
    Prof. Bobbi Gabrenya, Moderator

    • Sofia D’Agostino, “Adolescent Vaping and E-Cigarette Use in Rensselaer County” (Mentor: Dr. Dayna Maniccia, Public Health)
    • Neha Goel, “Domestic Violence and Dowry Through a Hindu Lens” (Mentor: Dr. Janel Leone, Law & Society)
    • Gabriela Beatriz Cardona, “Examining the Bystander Effect and Sexual Violence: Do Middle School Prevention Programs Work?” (Mentor: Dr. Michelle Napierski-Prancl, Sociology)

    1:00-1:45: Session 1B: Gender & Public Health II (Gurley 301)
    Dr. Shaeleen Meaney, Moderator

    • Abigail Field, “Dismissed, Misdiagnosed and Ill: How Women’s Health is often overlooked by Medical Professionals” (Mentor: Dr. Shaeleen Meaney, English)
    • Kasie Couser, “American Attitudes on Abortion Since 1972” (Mentor: Dr. Shaeleen Meaney, English)

    2:00-2:45: Session 2A: Arts & Humanities (Gurley 201)
    Professor Maureen Gokey, Moderator

    • Xavier Aleman & Hannah Smith, “Trouble with Gender: An Ambiguous Binary” (Mentor: Professor Nathanael Green, Writing & Contemporary Thought)
    • Xiuyuan Liang, “Cyclical History: The Early Twenty-First Century Or The Sixties?” (Mentor: Dr. Melody Davis, Art History)

    2:00-2:45: Session 2B: Natural Sciences (Gurley 301)
    Dr. Ken Howard, Moderator

    • Abigail Moore, “Cracks in the System: Characterizing the Surface of a Sun-damaged Car Headlight Using Atomic-Force Microscopy” (Mentor: Dr. Frank Vozzo, Physics)
    • Allison Bardwell, “Homeomorphisms in the Classroom” (Mentor: Dr. Deb Lawrence, Math)

    3:00-3:45: Session 3A: Sociology (Gurley 201)
    Dr. Tonya Moutray, Moderator

    • Olivia Short, “Race, Gender, and the Myth of Meritocracy” (Mentor: Dr. Michelle Napierski-Prancl, Sociology)
    • Lindsay Burnop, “An Examination of Suicide in Individualistic and Collectivist Societies” (Mentor: Dr. Amy LeFevre, Psychology)
    • Asiyah Moore, “African Americans and A Culture of Resistance” (Mentor: Dr. Andor Scotnes, History & Society)

    3:00-3:45: Session 3B: Arts & Humanities (Gurley 301)
    Dr. Melody Davis, Moderator

    • Elizabeth Malloy, “Sustainable Style” (Mentor: Professor Eleazar Hernandez, Art & Design)
    • Tyler Frisbee, “Jargon File: Rebooted” (Mentor: Professor Eleazar Hernandez, Graphic & Media Design)
    • Abigayle Greier, Adam Joyner, Kaitlyn Kern, “Biases Behind Broadway” (Mentor: Professor David Baecker, Theatre)