The Career and Self-Discovery Center helps students apply and search for jobs on and off-campus for student employment.  Examples of on-campus jobs include positions in Recreation and Fitness, Athletics, Admissions, Student Success, Libraries at RSC, and Annual Giving.  Student employment is also available off-campus ( Community-Based Employment) at local non-profit organizations. Past employers include Mission Accomplished, YWCA, Unity House, Troy Music Hall, and The Arts Center of the Capital Region. Both types of positions are great resume and skill builders!

All student employment positions are listed on Handshake. Follow the specific directions of the office to apply.

Most positions require students to have a Federal Work Study award in their financial aid package, meaning that a student is awarded funds to work towards each academic year. To find out if you qualify based on your Financial Aid package, please go to MySageAid.  If Federal Work Study is not available to you, other jobs are available to all students such as working for Sodexo, the dining hall on-campus, and specific offices may hire non-federal students such as Academic Support. 

Student Employee Paperwork

As a student employee, your supervisor will guide you through the paperwork process to become a student employee at Russell Sage.  If you are new to working at RSC, you will need to complete all hiring paperwork provided by your supervisor.  If you are returning from previous employment at the college, you will only need to complete the work authorization form each academic year or new job title.  Your supervisor will give you the clearance to start work after paperwork has been approved.

Training and Resources

Each student employee at Russell Sage College is highly valued in the RSC Community.  Student employees play an important role in customer service and operations.  Through each experience, students will gain important skills that employers are seeking, including many Competencies for a Career Ready workforce, including communication and professionalism.

Each semester, student employees are offered at least two opportunities for professional development through the Career and Self-Discovery Center and Human Resources for workshops on professionalism, networking, communication, and making the most of their student employment experience.  The Career and Self- Discovery Center is available to all student employees for any individual career need through appointments or stopping by the office.

If you have more questions, please email Carleen Pallante, Director, Career and Self- Discovery Center.

Director of Career and Self-Discovery Center