Welcome to The Sage Colleges.

For over 100 years, The Sage Colleges has prided itself on helping generations of students in their pursuit of academic excellence and empowering them, through their education, to become individuals of influence and agents of change in their communities and around the globe.

A college that was founded to serve a population which was excluded from the male colleges of the time has now grown and evolved and continues to provide access to education for a diverse group of students.

Today, The Sage Colleges consists of the Russell Sage College for women, the coeducational Sage College of Albany, Sage’s graduate-level schools, Sage Professional and Continuing Education,  and Russell Sage Online.

Under the banner of The Sage Colleges, these institutions coexist within a small university model institution to educate and to transform lives by maximizing opportunities for all students.

As The Sage Colleges heads into a new century of unlimited possibilities we look forward to transforming lives for another 100 years and beyond with MORE imagination, MORE innovation, MORE opportunity and MORE of what has made The Sage Colleges a pillar in higher education and throughout our region, nation, and world.

Susan C. Scrimshaw, Ph.D.