The Sage Colleges is an inclusive community that takes proactive measures to ensure that all feel welcomed, accepted, valued, and safe. With respect to admissions, Sage welcomes all academically qualified students to our campuses in pursuit of their chosen career paths, creative and intellectual development, and to explore life’s curiosities.

The Office of Diversity & Inclusion is responsible for working with all members of the Sage Community to:

  • explore perceptions and challenge stereotypes
  • encourage collaborative efforts
  • empower students, faculty, administrators and staff to participate in ongoing diversity efforts
  • advise all International Students
  • offer global education through study abroad opportunities
  • enrich The Sage Colleges experience
  • support members of all minority groups (ethnic, racial, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, and religious)

Religious and Spiritual Life

The Office of Diversity & Inclusion works with various constituents within the Sage community including the Spirituality Center to create programming aimed at increasing awareness and fostering an environment that welcomes religious and spiritual expression.

Diverse Clubs and Organizations

Sage has a number of diversity and cultural groups on campus. These groups hold regular students meetings and events on campus for all Sage students. If you do not see a group below which represents you, let the Office of Diversity & Inclusion know and we will work with you to develop a group.

  • BLSA – Black and Latina Student Association (Troy)
  • SALANA –  Sage African, Latino, Asian, and Native American Cultures Club (Alb)
  • MSA – Muslim Student Association
  • Spectrum – Lesbian, Gay, Bi-sexual, Transgender Club (Albany)
  • GLA – Gay Lesbian Alliance (Troy)
  • IFC – International Food Club
  • Intervarsity – Christian Students Club
  • Spanish Club – Spanish and Hispanic Culture Club
  • French Club – French Culture Club

Office Services

The Office provides support and shares close links with the multicultural student organizations on both the Albany and Troy campuses:

Collaborating with student organizations, student government, the Coordinator of Student Development and Campus Programming (on both campuses), as well as, other offices, the Office of Cultural Enrichment and Diversity provides an array of services and programs designed to engage all members of the The Sage Colleges community in campus life. Co-sponsored events include, but are not limited to:

  • Heritage Month Celebrations
  • International Education Week
  • Community Events
  • Multicultural Student Leadership Opportunities
  • Diversity Workshops
  • Sage Allies

In addition, as the International Student Adviser, the Director of Diversity & Inclusion provides supportive services to the international student population at Sage.

The Director also oversees the Cultural Enrichment Center on the Russell Sage Campus. The Center houses a collection of art, books, artifacts and videos. Small group sessions, club meetings, mentor groups, seminars, receptions and informal socializing frequently takes place there.