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Match college courses to your current high school classes and earn college credit.

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No payment is required until after a student passes a course, ensuring students aren’t charged for courses that won’t transfer to college (If the student does not pass, they do not pay). 

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Students can earn up to 30 credits at Russell Sage College, which may be transferable to other institutions.

Low cost.

$50 per credit, or $150 for a 3-credit course
$25 per credit, or $75 per 3-credit course (students on free and reduced lunch)

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Early College CourseGeneral Education AreaCounts towards Major(s)
BIO 125
Structure & Function of Living Forms
Natural ScienceChildhood Education
BUS 104
Contemporary Business
BUS 110
Personal Finance
BUS 211
Global Business
CHM 103
Introduction to General Chemistry
Natural ScienceNursing
COM 110
Media & Society
CRM 105
Introduction to Criminal Justice
Social ScienceBiology (BS) Law & Society Track
ECO 110
Economic Analysis
Social Science
EDU 201
Education & Society
Childhood Education
ENG 231
Creative Writing
HumanitiesEnglish, Writing & Culture
HIS 105
History of the United States I
HIS 106
History of the United States II
Childhood Education
LAW 101
Introduction to Law
Law & Society
Biology (BS) Law & Society Track
MAT 112
College Algebra
Quantitative ReasoningBiology (BS)
MAT 113
Quantitative ReasoningBiology (BS)
MUS 111
Basic Musicianship I
Visual & Performing ArtsMusical Theatre
Expressive Arts in Mental Health
PBH 201
Health & Society
Social SciencePublic Health
PED 225
Concepts in Fitness & Wellness
WellnessPhysical Education
PHY 101
General Physics I
Natural ScienceBiology (BS)
Doctor of Physical Therapy program requirement
PSY 101
Introduction to Psychology
Social SciencePsychology
Childhood Education
SOC 101
Introduction to Sociology
Social ScienceSociology
Law & Society
SPA 101
Introduction to Spanish
SPA 102
Continuing Introduction to Spanish
HumanitiesChildhood Education
THR 209
History of American Theatre
Visual & Performing ArtsTheatre
Musical Theatre
Expressive Arts in Mental Health