Sage Allies

The Russell Sage College’s All Inclusive Safe Zone Program, Sage ALLIES, advocates for, listens to, learns with, includes, empowers and supports members of the Sage community through education, engagement, and deliberate dialogue in order to provide an affirming and inclusive environment for all students, faculty and staff regardless of any human condition, characteristic or circumstance.

Sage ALLIES Door Decal

Faculty, administrators and staff who have successfully gone through the Sage ALLIES Safe Zone training will be given a specially designed logo to go on their office door. This logo (represented above) is a way for students and other members of the Russell Sage College community to identify individuals who have been trained to act as a resource for those who may feel oppressed due to their race, ethnicity, gender, gender expression, gender identity, religion, capability/disability, sexual orientation, geography or economic status. Moreover, anyone who is a victim of discrimination, harassment, sexual assault, bias incident or a hate crime can have a safe and affirming network of Sage community members who are prepared and able to assist them.

If you are dealing with any kind of issue and are seeking assistance, please know that you can go to anyone with a Sage ALLIES Safe Zone decal on their door and the following offices for additional support: Academic Deans, Dean of Students, Disabilities Services, Human Resources, Cultural Enrichment Center, Public Safety, Residence Life and Wellness Center.

What is a Safe Space/Zone?

For many students, the presence of allies to whom they can turn for support — or even the simple knowledge that they exist — can be a big factor in developing a positive sense of self, building a community, coping with bias and working to improve school climate. Safe Space programs increase the visible presences of students and adult allies who can help to shape a school culture that is accepting of all people regardless of differences.

Why should someone take part in the Safe Space/Zone Program?

All students deserve to learn in an environment that’s supportive and friendly, regardless of their identity. As you learned above, bias affects the school performance, school experience and mental and emotional health of the students who experience it.

How does the program work?

The main purpose of a Safe Space/Zone program is to visibly mark people and places that are “safe” for all students. When students and staff put stickers on their doors, lockers, backpacks, binders or office doors, it stands out as an affirmation of all people and lets others know that they are a safe person to approach for support and guidance.

How is Sage ALLIES different?

Sage ALLIES is an “All-Inclusive Safe Space.” Traditionally, Safe Spaces/Zones are put in place within an educational institution for the benefit of LGBTQ (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer/questioning) students. Sages’ All Inclusive Safe Zone is a place where a person can feel safe regardless of any human condition, characteristic or circumstance that they may have. The Sage ALLIES Safe Zone Program is designed to be a network for all students and does not focus on one oppressed group within our community. This “All-Inclusive Safe Space” is an intentional aspect that fits with Russell Sage College’s size, design and demographics.