1098-T Forms are mailed to students in January of each year and available through Sage Advisor.

Russell Sage College’s Federal Tax ID Number is 14-1338488

Due to changes made by the IRS for 2018, Sage is now required to report payments made toward qualified charges incurred during the 2018 calendar year. (Prior to 2018, we reported on what you were billed.)

The amount reported on your 1098-T form for what you paid cannot exceed what you were billed in qualified tuition in 2018.

As this is a transition year for the method of reporting charges to a method of reporting payments, please note that payments made in 2018 related to charges for spring 2018 reported on the prior year 1098-T may not be reflected on your 2018 1098-T. This would occur if you received a 2017 1098T that reported your spring 2018 charges.

If needed, you may access all of your 1098-T forms and/or tuition bills that would reflect payments made through Sage Advisor.

Where can I obtain information on the educational tax credits?
For information about the tuition and fees deduction, the American Opportunity Credit, and Lifetime Learning Tax Credit, refer to: IRS – Tax Benefits for Education: Information Center.

You may wish to consult a tax adviser for help in calculating the amount of your credit. College employees cannot answer questions regarding eligibility for these credits.