Class of 2025 Student Sage Award

Nominations for the Class of 2025 Student Sage Award are now closed.

The Student Sage Award is a recognition program that enables your secondary school to honor outstanding juniors from your school community. Recipients of the award will receive a certificate of nomination.

Students who embody Russell Sage College’s motto: Be. Know. Do. should be nominated for the Student Sage Award. At Sage our mission empowers students to be your authentic self, grow as individuals, and improve the world around them. We embrace students for their unique gifts and experiences and believe they make our collective community stronger. We emphasize active and experiential learning and 100% of our students graduate with two or more key resume-building experiences.

Nominations were due by Monday, April 22 for the Class of 2025. Nominations are now closed.

Counselors, teachers, and school leaders can submit up to six nominations per year.

While we will attempt to confirm your nominations prior to your scheduled awards ceremony, early nominations are highly encouraged and often result in an expedited decision.

Be advised that names will be presented on certificates exactly as submitted.

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Additional questions? Contact the Office of Admission at [email protected] or 518-244-2217.