We’re pleased to tell you that the Sage College Board of Trustees has unanimously approved the new strategic plan to position Sage to serve students for generations to come.

Below is information for current students of The Sage Colleges regarding the strategic plan, which will begin in fall 2020.  For most current students, your experience at Sage won’t feel much different. However, depending on where you are in your educational journey, you will have access to new offerings and opportunities.

What exactly is changing?

Beginning in fall 2020, we will become unified as a co-educational college with two campuses to be known as Russell Sage College.

The plan includes:

  • The introduction of a new program to promote wellness and well-being across the curriculum and student life.
  • The creation of an as-yet-unnamed women’s institute, which will be a distinctive approach to applying the feminist and inclusive values of Russell Sage’s history to the contemporary world and contemporary students.

How will this plan benefit current students?

Students will benefit as we create consistency in our processes and clarify our identity. Under the new plan, there will be increased ability to work and interact across and between campuses. This streamlining of processes and systems will make things easier. Additionally, all students will be able to live on the campus that houses their major.

What about my major and course requirements?

The programs and majors we offer will continue in their current locations, and all students will have access to all classes and programs, facilitated by a free shuttle between campuses, as is currently the case.

A new general education curriculum common to both campuses will begin in fall 2020.  Currently enrolled students and students beginning in fall 2019 will be governed by the course catalog under which they enrolled. However, the revised curriculum will offer additional attractive options for satisfying requirements. Once this new curriculum is finalized, your academic advisor will be available to help you understand any new options that arise for completing academic requirements.

Are classes going to be larger?

No. We know that many students choose Sage because we offer small classes where your instructors and peers know you by name. Our commitment to providing an overall supportive and inclusive learning environment will not waver.

What does this mean for students who live on campus?

Housing will continue to be available on both campuses. This plan will provide male students an option to live on our Troy campus. Women-only residential options will continue to be available in Troy as well.

I’m a student at Sage College of Albany. What does this mean for me?

We are reinforcing our identity as one college with two distinctive campuses in Albany and Troy. We expect each campus to retain its character, even as moving from one campus to the other becomes easier. For too long, people have often thought of Troy as the “main campus.” Moving forward, we will present Albany and Troy as the equal partners they are in the education we offer. The name change in 2020 to Russell Sage College will pull both campuses, undergraduate and graduate, into one college called by the name that is best known and goes back to the founding of the college more than 100 years ago.

Who do I contact if I have questions or concerns?

Contact the student life offices if you would like more information:

Trish Cellemme – Vice President for Student Life
[email protected]

Stacy Gonzalez – Dean of Students in Troy
[email protected]

Sharon Murray – Dean of Students in Albany
[email protected]