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  • What is a statement of account?
    The term statement of account refers to your bill.

    When are payments due to the college?
    Payment for Summer 2021 is due on Monday, May 3.
    Payment for Fall 2021 semester is due on Monday, August 2.

    Does Sage offer a payment plan?
    Yes, we do. You can set up a payment plan in the Student Account Center accessed through Sage Advisor.

    What happens if I pay my bill late?
    Accounts that are not paid in full, on a payment plan, or do not have sufficient financial aid to cover the balance by the due date will be placed on a Student Accounts (SS) hold and are subject to a $50 late payment fee.

    Does the payment plan cost anything?
    The cost to enroll in a payment plan is $45.

    How often will I get a bill?
    Russell Sage College does all of their student billing electronically so you will not receive a bill in the mail. Students and their authorized users will get an email when a statement has been updated for their review. Students can access their statements online in the Student Account Center which can be accessed through Sage Advisor.

    Why am I charged for health insurance as a full-time undergraduate student?
    All full-time undergraduate students must maintain health insurance coverage for all semesters in which they are enrolled. This fee may be waived if the student has health insurance coverage independent of the college. The fee must be waived prior to the waiver deadline.

    Where can I access my Student Account?
    Students can access their student account by logging into SageAdvisor and then clicking on the Student Account Center option under the Financial Information heading.

    How can I view my Statement of Account?
    Log into SageAdvisor and then click on Student Account Center. In the Student Account Center, you can view your statement. Students can give access to parents/guardians/or a third party to view their account and make payments online.

    How can I make a payment?
    Log into SageAdvisor. Click on Student Account Center. Once you are to the Student Account Center, you can make a payment using your checking account information or credit card.

    How often is my account updated?
    Credits are posted to the account in real time. Charges are only updated weekly.

    Can I give access to my parents/guardian/third party so that they can receive updates on my account?
    Yes, Students can log into SageAdvisor and then click on Student Account Center. Once there you will click on Authorized Users and enter the information requested. An email notification will be sent to the third party detailing how to log into the system.

    Account questions?

    Student Accounts Specialist
    Director of Student Accounts