S T U D E N T  P L A N N I N G
 Log-in to SageAdvisor
• Click on Students box to access Students Menu
• Go to Student Planning link in Registration section (for matriculated students).
• Registration Instructions Handout
(PDF)How to use Student Planning
Instructional VIDEO: click here for instructional video. *SageOnline Students: Click here

Registration Steps (in order): 1. PLAN (schedule) Sectionsthen… 2. Register for Sections.

STEP 1.  Plan Sections. Use options A or B (or Both).

Option A. Select & Plan: REQUIRED Courses (sections)
• Click on: Plan Your Degree & Register for Classes (or Go to Plan & Schedule).
• Your current term schedule is displayed in calendar/weekly view. Go to desired Term (>).
Options: select courses from, 1. Progress tab or View My Progress link or, 2. your Plan on the Timeline tab (- if created).

Directions using PROGRESS tab:
• Click on Progress tab to view degree progress & required courses you need to complete.
• Courses needed are listed in Red type (“not started”).
• Click on course, then click on, “View available Sections for ” to view Terms offered, Days/Times, Location. Use filter in left column to narrow search.
• Select course and click on Add Section to Schedule (as a planned section)
• In course Section Details box, click on Add Section.
• To select and plan additional courses (sections) – repeat steps above.

Option B. Select & Plan: GENERAL or ELECTIVE Courses (sections) or Search of ALL courses.
• Click on Plan Your Degree & Register for Classes (or Go to Plan & Schedule).
• Your current term schedule is displayed in calendar/weekly view (Schedule tab)
• Select Term: Use the right arrow (>) next to the semester/year to scroll to the desired semester.
• To Search for Courses (to add as “planned” sections to your schedule screen), type course information in the Search bar in upper rightExamples: MAT, MAT-220, MAT 220, MAT220, statistics. Or use commas to search multiple courses, MAT-220, COM-104.
• List of courses matching search criteria appears.
• Tip: use FILTER fields in LEFT margin when searching for courses.
• To view course offering information (Terms offered and Days/Times, Location) click on, “View available Sections for 
• Once you have selected the course section you would like click on, Add Section to Schedule (as a planned section).
• In the course Section Details box, click on Add Section.
• To add more planned sections to your schedule, click on, Back to Plan & Schedule link.
• Repeat searching/planning steps above for each desired course section.
• Planned Courses appear in light Yellow. Planned Sections appear in bright GOLD.

STEP 2.  REGISTER for Courses (sections)

• Once you are finished with planning (scheduling) sections, view your planned weekly schedule. Review campus locations and possible travel/time conflicts between campuses. Online and internship courses will appear at bottom of screen.
• Click on Register Now button. Or you may Register for individual courses listed in left margin – click on Register button next to each course.
• Registered courses are in GREEN font or Green box. In list view you will see a Green checkmark.
• Top margin of schedule screen (left side of screen) you will see # of Credits: Planned, Enrolled & Waitlisted. Enrolled number = Registered.

STEP 3.  View Class Schedule & Textbook Information

• To see classroom information – use the Print button in Schedule tab (Student Planning).
• To see Campus location (Albany or Troy), see list of enrolled courses in left margin. Click on “Meeting Information” link. (Student Planning)
• Class schedule & Textbook information is available in SageAdvisor – Students – Academic Profile using the My Class Schedule link.

Waitlisted Courses
If a seat opens in the course and you are next on Waitlist, you will receive an email notice from, [email protected] This email gives you a deadline by which you must go to Student Planning and adjust your schedule and ‘Register’ in the course.

Steps: SageAdvisor – Student Planning – Plan & Schedule – select > Term
Go to waitlisted course in Left margin of Schedule screen. The “Drop Waitlist” button changes to “Register” button. Click on Register.

Important: If you miss the deadline, you lose the seat and spot on the waitlist. Be sure to check your @ sage.edu email address regularly. Note: if you are not interested in course, click on Drop Waitlist, so another student may get a seat.

• Use FILTER column in left margin when searching for courses.
• Be sure to check Campus Location (Albany or Troy).
• Current and registered courses are in Green font or green box. Planned courses are in light Yellow. Planned sections are bright Gold.
• RSC & SCA students must be cleared by their faculty advisor to be eligible for registration.
• Registrar’s Office Forms – My Portal (Sage User ID & Password required)
Faculty Advisor name & contact information is listed on the Progress screen in SageAdvisor/Student Planning under Show Program Notes link.
Sage Shuttle schedule
Tuition & Tuition Due Dates

General Registration Information

• Registration Instructions Handout pdf
Fall 2018 Registration Timeline (Handout pdf)
Academic Calendar
• Student Handout (pdf): Student Preparation Steps – Advising & Registration

Hold Information

Students are responsible for resolving all “Holds” to be eligible for Registration and Add/Drop.

HoldPossible Reason for Hold… Phone (518) Email (@sage.edu)
AdmissionMissing final transcript(s)292-1730 scaadm
Financial AidSageAdvisor item incomplete; USAP appeal required292-1783 finaid
Finance & BusinessPrevious term tuition balance due; parking fine, dorm fine244-4744 collections
LibraryBook overdue fine292-1721 library
Perkins LoanPerkins promissory note due244-4744 perkins
Student AccountsTuition payment issue292-1788 studentaccounts
Wellness CenterImmunization record needed292-1917 kingk2

DROP a Course

  • Prior to the specified Add/Drop deadline – you may use Student Planning to Drop courses
  • You must clear any “Holds” to utilize the Add/Drop function
  • To Drop a course: click on Course in course list, click on Drop, select course (checkmark), then click on Update.

WITHDRAW from a Course

  • After the posted Add/Drop deadline has passed, to “Withdraw” from a course you will need to complete a Registration Change form prior to the specified course withdrawal deadline. (See Academic Calender).
  • On the Add/Drop form, RSC and SCA day students need their faculty advisor’s signature and the course instructor’s signature.
  • Bring the completed form to the Registrar/Office of Student Services.
  • A grade of “W” will appear on your official transcript.
  • Important: be sure to inquire how course withdrawal affects graduation timeline and eligibility for financial aid & loans.

Class Standing or Academic Level

RSC and SCA students register by academic level. Academic level or class standing is determined by the total number of completed credits on record as listed in SageAdvisor.

Freshman, 0-23 completed credits
Sophomore, 24-53 completed credits
Junior, 54-86 completed credits
Senior, 87 or more completed credits