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  • Greg Pittz, Valedictorian Greg Pittz, Valedictorian (SCA.BS.PHYS.ED.MSSHE) 
    Mackenzie Akin, Salutatorian and Helen E. Luffman AwardMacKenzie Akin, Salutatorian (SCA.BS.PHYS.ED.MSSHE) is also awarded the Helen E. Luffman Award. This is awarded to the outstanding physical education major.
    Lisa Kentris, Childhood EducationChildhood Education Award
    The outstanding student award in Childhood Education is given each year to the candidate who demonstrates both excellence in content knowledge and strong 21st Century teaching skills and expertise in the field of education at the elementary level. In addition, this award acknowledges a candidate who believes that ALL children can learn when given equal access to learning opportunities.

    We are pleased to announce that Lisa Kentris(SGS.MS.CHILD.LIT) who excelled at face-to-face and online instruction during the COVID-19 pandemic, is the 2020 recipient.
    Julie Johnson, Donald E. Willetts AwardDonald E. Willets Award
    Endowed in 1987 by faculty member Donald Willetts, this award recognizes students from the School of Education showing promise in the field of secondary school teaching. The recipient of the award is Julie Johnson. (SGS.MS.SCH.HLTH.ED)
    Tahisha Richards, Excellence in Literacy Education AwardExcellence in Literacy Education Award
    The Excellence in Literacy Education Award recognizes superior academic strengths, an exceptional command of the professional literature that informs teaching, and exemplary literacy teaching skills of at-risk elementary, middle or high school students. The recipient of Excellence in Literacy Education Award shows distinctive promise as a literacy coach and as a potential contributor to the field of literacy teaching.

    Tahisha Richards (SGS.MS.CHILD.LIT) has distinguished herself as a literacy educator, coach and collaborator and is the recipient of the 2020 Excellence in Literacy Education Award.
    Samantha Bourgeois, Francis P. Healy AwardSamantha Bourgeois (RSC.BS.CE.ENG)is awarded the Francis P. Healy Award. This award is given to the Childhood Education major who, during the past year, showed the greatest progress in personal maturity, academic accomplishment, and/or ability to apply theory to practice in an early childhood or elementary setting. Samantha also was awarded the Student Government Good Citizen Award. This award is given to a rising senior who has promoted and supported the ideas of Student Government in a position other than as a member of the Executive Board. 
    Sara Krahnke, School Health Education AwardSchool Health Education
    The School Health Education Award is presented to a graduate student who has excelled academically and engaged in activities and projects that promote health and healthy behaviors. This student has demonstrated a commitment to his or her own personal health status. As a professional health educator, the student served as a role model and resource person to peers in Sage community and beyond.

    The recipient of the award is Sara Krahnke(SGS.MS.SCH.HLTH.ED)
    Rachel Bowen, Special Education Award 
    Special Education Award
    The excellence in Special Education Award recognizes and rewards a graduate student who has demonstrated outstanding academic achievement and exemplary skills in working with educators, students with disabilities, and families of children with disabilities. The recipient of this award exhibits characteristics of budding educator who will be an agent of change in the field of special education.

    The Special Education Award is given to Rachel Bowen(SGS.MS.CHILD.SPE) who has distinguished herself as a teacher of students with disabilities and a collaborator with others to benefit learners.
    Kathryn Ashworth, Dr. Virginia L. Radley Memorial PrizeKathryn Ashworth (RSC.BS.CE.ENG) is awarded The Dr. Virginia L. Radley Memorial Prize in English. This award is given to a graduating senior in English who expects to pursue graduate study in literature and has done work in the discipline worthy of high honor, as well as made contributions that have enhanced the study of literature for her classmates and teachers. 
    Judit Albitz, ABA Award.Applied Behavior Analysis and Autism
    The Center for Applied Behavioral Analysis and Autism Student of the Year Award is conferred by the CABA faculty upon a graduating student who demonstrates outstanding performance in meeting the academic requirements of the Master of Science program in ABA and Autism. The recipient exemplifies a sound work ethic, is a model student for peers, and shows integrity and respect in adhering to the BACB Guidelines for Responsible Conduct for Behavior Analysts. The CABA Student of the Year shows great promise for upholding these virtues in commencing a career in applied behavior analysis.

    The recipient of the award is Judit Albitz.
    Jacob Hardy, Scire Book Award in Physical EducationJacob Hardy (SCA.BS.PHYS.ED.MSSHE) is awarded the Scire Book award in Physical Education. Faculty members in each of the programs nominate a single scholar from their departments who demonstrates high levels of academic achievement and scholarship. Book Title Children Moving A Reflective Approach to Teaching Children Physical Education by George Graham, et.al.
    Bridget HamiltonBridget Hamilton (RSC.BS.CMCE.HIS) is awarded the Cynthia Crocco Spector ’74 and Dr. Sherman David Spector Fellowship. This award is given to support travel for research or study by a History, Political Science or International Studies major.
    Lisette Olivo, EDL Award-NYCApril PrestipinoDoctorate in Educational Leadership
    The Outstanding Student Award in the Doctor of Education in Educational Leadership Program is awarded annually. The faculty of the department selects a student based upon the following criteria.High quality academic recordLeader in the cohortRole model for collaborationOn schedule to complete research and the program.

    The recipients of this award are April Prestipino Albany Cohort 12, and Lisette Olivo New York City Cohort 6.
    Tyler Anderson, Professional School Counseling AwardProfessional School Counseling
    To be a highly effective professional school counselor today requires skills in the areas of counseling, consulting, collaborating, advocating and leading. Possessing these skills along with empathy, genuineness and sincerity helps to enable the school counselor to make a positive difference in the lives of students. The student award for excellence in Professional School Counseling is presented to the candidate that has demonstrated these qualities throughout his/her Master’s Degree program.

    The recipient of the award is Tyler Anderson.(SGS.MS.SCP)