The growing importance of good nutrition and the national debate about what that means makes the field of Nutrition Science more important than ever to public health and well being. With the growing prominence of this science you can play a key role in raising awareness about the effects of diet and nutrition on physical health.

With a degree in Nutrition Science from Russell Sage College, you can work in the public or private sector, specialize in an age group, or conduct research of your own. Sage will help you make your contribution to this exciting and evolving field.

Careers in Nutrition

Registered dietitians work in a wide variety of employment settings, including health care, business and industry, community/public health, education, research, government agencies and private practice. Many work environments, particularly those in medical and health-care settings, require that an individual be credentialed as a Registered Dietitian.

Where registered dietitians work

  • hospitals, HMOs, and other healthcare facilities
  • sports nutrition and corporate wellness programs
  • food- and nutrition-related business and industries
  • Private practice
  • community and public health settings
  • universities and medical centers
  • research areas in food/pharmaceutical companies and academic institutions

Nutrition rated a top career

Nutrition Programs



Dietetic Internship Certification

All prospective interns are strongly encouraged to either attend an Information Session or arrange a phone/virtual meeting with the Dietetic Internship program director.

Currently, there are no scheduled Information Sessions as they take place in the fall. Please contact the Dietetic Internship program director to set up a phone meeting.

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