Priority 3: Attract, recruit, support and develop a diverse community inclusive of all students faculty, and staff.

A commitment from everyone

Building a welcoming, supportive, inclusive, and valued campus climate is an ongoing process that requires commitment from everyone. The efforts below demonstrate the actions necessary for creating a positive and productive learning and working environment. The DEI Coalition took part in several events that were designed to expand their understanding of DEI so that they can be informed DEI advocates in their areas.

As the front-line champions of the DEI Strategic Plan, DEI Coalition members are eager to drive change at Russell Sage College. All year long, members participated in internal and external opportunities to hone their skills and invested in their ability to be ambassadors for DEI.

DEI Coalition members participated in three training sessions sponsored by the Capital Region Chamber of Commerce:

  • Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Summit 2022: A sold-out event that provided attendees an opportunity to learn new approaches and best practices to help elevate an organization’s diversity, equity and inclusion strategies.
  • Essential Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Concepts: Embarking on Your DEI Journey: This session provided an introduction to some of the foundational topics and considerations important to starting a DEI journey. Participants were presented with tools and resources that can aid in beginning to cultivate a more inclusive climate in the workplace.
  • Understanding Unconscious Bias—Tips to Raise Awareness and Do Better: This session discussed the topic of unconscious bias, what it is, and how it impacts our day-to-day interactions.
Saadé White is a third-year Public Health major and Social Entrepreneur who advocates for climate justice as President of the Sustainability Club. Whether Saadé is organizing a recycling drive around move out day in the dorms or drafting policies at the Capitol as a NYS Senate and Assembly intern, Saadé is a force for good.

Social Justice Scholars

The Russell Sage College Social Justice Scholars (SJS) program will prepare future activists for change through citizenry, scholarship, and activism. Working toward a more just and equitable society, SJS examines the inequities and injustices that plague our world and seeks to find ways to remove these barriers.

In doing so, SJS are advocates on campus for marginalized and oppressed voices; equipping students with tools to become change agents within RSC, the community, and the world.

2022– 2023 Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Strategic Plan

Progress Report Year 1 of 3

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