Sage 2025: Charting Our Future is an inclusive, community-wide envisioning of The Sage Colleges to ensure our continued vitality in the institution’s second century.

Members of the Sage family are welcome to reach out to the committee members who represent their constituency or to contact Deirdre Zarillo, Vice President for Administration and Planning, at [email protected] for more information.

Watch this page for updates and progress reports.

Strategic Planning Committee

Deirdre ZarrilloAdministration and Planning
Kevin FletcherFaculty/Management (SCA/SGS)
Nancy RanftFaculty/OT (RSC/SGS)
Emilly ObuyaFaculty/Chemistry (RSC)
Matthew McElligottFaculty/Art (SCA)
Shylah AddanteResidence Life
Sandy Augstein-CollinsAthletics
David GreenDiversity & Inclusion
John ZajaceskowskiFacilities
Sarah BarrettAdmission
Erica CarloMIS
Rick BarthelmasFinance
Heidi WeberCommunications
Valeska LaPlancheRSC Student
Mohamed MohamedSCA Student
Adelina CekicSGS Student
Theresa HandAcademic Affairs
Joan CliffordAlumni
Carrie CokelyRSC Alumna
Anthony CrawfordSCA & SSGS Alumni
Ann SuffieldBoard of Trustees
Deb OnslowBoard of Trustees
Christoper AmesPresident

Committee Charge

  • To envision a Sage University thriving in the 21st Century.
  • To participate in an audit of the current situation of The Sage Colleges.
  • To define what Sage will excel in and be known for.
  • To recommend the best institutional structure to achieve those goals between 2019-2025.
  • To build a strategy to achieve robust enrollment, financial health and a clear and vibrant institutional identity.
  • To encapsulate the plan in a small number of key strategic directions (approximately 5).
  • To develop, in concert with the cabinet, measurable annual goals for implementation.
  • To accomplish these things informed by a sophisticated awareness of the higher education environment, of Sage’s place in that environment, and of the changing nature of that environment and student expectations.

“Big Idea” Discussions

Distinctiveness and Institutional Identity

  • What is Sage known for? What should we be known for?
  • What should be our key messages to prospective students and parents? Why Sage?
  • How do we hope Sage graduates will talk about their experiences?
  • What are the areas where we can really excel?

Institutional Structure

What is the best structure of our multiple colleges and identities to achieve and communicate that excellence?

  • How can we make our two campuses a competitive advantage? Would a single campus model be possible or desirable?
  • What is the right way to market Russell Sage as a women’s college in light of our coed programs?
  • What is the right mix of graduate and undergraduate?

Change and Responsiveness

  • How do we align our strengths with the marketplace of the 21st century student?
  • What programs and services should be added or discontinued as part of that effort?