As Sage moves into its second century, we need your help to make certain that deserving students can finance their education. Your support x 2 to The Sage Fund for Excellence marks the beginning of a significant 2nd century for Sage. Your support will provide the scholarship aid students need, as well as exceptional faculty and relevant programs to prepare them for success.


Our newest initiative to invest in student success.

  • Gifts of $2,000 will provide an expendable scholarship for a student.
  • Gifts of $5,000 will provide an expendable scholarship for 2 students. The balance of $1,000 will support The Sage Fund for Excellence.

Choose one designation (campus, program or general), and we will match you with a student you can support and encourage in their academic journey.

2nd Second century scholars


At Sage, your money can do so much. As a private, tuition-driven institution, your financial support makes all the difference to Sage and its students.

Your gift ensures that Sage will continue to exceed students’ needs and expand their horizons. Your generosity allows Sage to maintain superior faculty, develop new academic programs and improve our two campuses.